Our recent survey of parents found they understand the value of their children learning another language. In our Parents Satisfaction Survey, parents identified these benefits:

Introduction to another language

Learn about another culture

Prepare for High School language requirements

Prepare for foreign travel

Understand parent’s native culture

Enhance day care


Today’s children are living in a more global society, world. Daily life increasingly involves interacting with people speaking other languages and coming from other cultures. International travel, education and job opportunities are increasing. Kids Like Languages provides children with a head start in their development as global world citizens.

What parents say

“As a parent who wants the best for her child, Kids Like Languages has been a gift that I am giving my son for his future. My son has been a part of the program for three years now and he looks forward to attending his language classes at school and annual summer camps. The teachers are always friendly, engaging and knowledgable in the foreign language they are teaching. I am so happy to know that with the Kids Like Languages program, my son will have the benefit of knowing how to speak a second language.”

— Melissa A.