How much can my child learn from weekly foreign language classes?  

Learning to speak a foreign language fluently requires four to six years of study and should, therefore, be started in the elementary grades.

Your child will receive an introduction to speaking in a second language during 20 weekly classes. We teach basic day-to-day phrases and sentences, such as

Hello, how are you

My name is Josh

What is your name?

Do you like baseball?"

Students learn colors, numbers, clothing, and general vocabulary for home and school.

Students will make greater strides by using their newly-acquired language skills at home. Ask you child to teach you what they learned in class.


What are the benefits of learning a second language?

Studying a foreign language increases: 

• Knowledge of our own language 

• Familiarity with world geography 

• Social and economic benefits resulting in broader attitudes, new opportunities and cultural enrichment.


How can I help my student make the most of this class? 

Involved parents make a difference in keeping motivation high and increasing retention. 

• Ask them to teach you what they learned in class. 

• Have them teach you the vocabulary of the day. 

• Help with homework when assigned. 

• Get language audiotapes and books at the library. 

• Practice simple vocabulary. 

• During dinner, review one new word. 

• Get a Picture Dictionary and focus on one subject at a time. 

• Music is a great way to learn; practice songs, buy music CDs, etc. 

• Keep your eyes open for cultural or news information involving the language.


May I observe my student’s class? 

Yes, but please wait until the third or fourth class so the group is somewhat established.